The Twelve Monotasks: Do One Thing at a Time to Do Everything Better

The newest book by our founder & CEO, written to help you be more focused, less stressed, more productive, and a lot happier. 

Take back control of your focus, productivity and wellbeing with The Twelve Monotasks by Thatcher Wine. Studies have shown that multitasking reduces efficiency and increases errors, while focusing on one task at a time produces superior results. Our brains are programmed to best focus on one thing at a time; call it monotasking, mindfulness or being present, the idea is to be wholly absorbed in an activity. When we fully devote ourselves to something like reading, listening or going for a walk, it can be a transformative experience. 

All orders will be signed by Thatcher Wine. If you'd like your copy personally inscribed to you or a gift recipient, please include that info in the order notes. 

Looking to purchase multiple copies for a book club, your team, or a company event? Find The Twelve Monotasks 10-pack page here

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