Bridgerton is a worldwide hit! Tens of millions have fallen in love with the "charming, addictive, and powerful” books written by Julia Quinn. If you are obsessed with the books as much as we are or adored the Netflix series produced by Shonda Rhimes, our special 9 volume hardcover edition created in collaboration with the author is destined for your shelves!

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Choose from paper wrapped, fabric wrapped, leather bound, books by color, or books by subject. Your shelves can be designed with the perfect aesthetic to reflect you and your space! Whether you are looking for big and bold or subtle and sophisticated, our Books by the Foot offering will give your shelves a whole new look!

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“I have loved working with Juniper Books. You guys not only carry the most incredible and unique product- books, but books elevated! I’m a big Juniper Books fan—product and people!”

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