Red Rising Book Set

Pierce Brown's Red Rising series is a New York Times bestseller and a phenomenon amongst Sci-Fi and young adult readers.

The series follows Darrow, a member of the lowly Red class, who is mining underground to make the surface of Mars habitable for future generations. He soon discovers that his whole life has been a lie and is recruited by a shadowy group called the Sons of Ares, who train him to infiltrate the ruling Gold caste to bring down the corrupt Society from within. 

Our book jackets feature a vignette of the fictional Agea, the capital city of Mars, set against a galactic backdrop with hues of red, orange, and deep purple.  

This series is a page-turning epic that is sure to thrill fans of Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time, and The Hunger Games.

1. Red Rising
2. Golden Son
3. Morning Star


Weight: 4.8 lb

Height: 9.5 inches; Width: 4.5 inches; Depth: 6.5 inches

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