New York City Book Set

New York City has been written about countless times, and we’ve brought together three books that best display the vibrant melting pot that makes the city truly one of a kind. New York Transformed by Peter Pennoyer and Anne Walker examines the impactful architecture of the Cross brothers, and the impact it had on the city’s footprint. Living in Style: New York by Vanessa Weiner Von Bismarck showcases how New York’s diversity is showcased in the array of interior styles in homes around the city. New York: Portrait of a City by Reuel Golden is filled with showstopping full-page photography that chronicles the city’s history.
We created a subtle black and white design with an illustration of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge for the jackets of these oversized books. This set brings the vibrancy of the city into any home.

The books in this set are published by Penguin Random House, teNeues, and Taschen.

Please note, our jackets are designed to fit only the specific authorized editions of the books named on the jackets and listed on the “Includes” tab. Juniper Books' marketing and sale of custom book jackets does not imply any affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or other arrangement with the author, publisher, or other rights holder of such books. All trademarks, copyrights, and other rights in such books are the property of their respective publishers.

  1. New York Transformed by Peter Pennoyer, Anne Walker
  2. Living in Style New York from teNeues
  3. New York: Portrait of a City by Reuel Golden


Weight: 12.0 lb

Depth: 10.5 inches; width: 12.75 inches; height: 4 inches

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