Kurt Vonnegut Set

Kurt Vonnegut’s 1973 novel Breakfast of Champions was once described by the author as the result of clearing out his head. Perhaps this is why the book is so special to so many – it’s a manifestation of a mind that generations of readers adore. Vonnegut is a singular figure in American literature, and his countercultural writings, which brilliantly blend satire and science fiction, produced some of the most original work of the 20th century. This 4-volume set from Library of America features an eye-catching design inspired by the first edition cover art of Breakfast of Champions.

    1. Bluebeard
    2. Breakfast of Champions
    3. Cat’s Cradle
    4. Deadeye Dick
    5. Galápagos
    6. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
    7. Hocus Pocus
    8. Jailbird
    9. Mother Night
    10. Player Piano
    11. Short Stories
    12. The Sirens of Titan
    13. Slapstick
    14. Slaughterhouse-Five
    15. Timequake

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