His Dark Materials Trilogy Set

The fantasy series His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman follows two children, Lyra and Will, as they travel through parallel universes. The novels, which have gained a strong following of both teens and adults, have supernatural components, including armored polar bears and an element known as “dust,” but are rooted in concepts of physics, philosophy, and theology. The first book in the series, The Golden Compass, won the Carnegie Medal for children’s fiction in 1995. We designed custom covers with a golden compass, or “alethiometer,” set against the cosmos. The three hardcover books in the set are published by Knopf.

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  1. The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman
  2. The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman
  3. The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman


Weight: 4.6 lb

Width: 4.875 inches x Height: 8.25 inches x Depth: 5.75 inches

This set ships in 3-5 business days.