Hardy Boys Set

Frank and Joe Hardy have been engaging young readers for almost 90 years, and this set of 5 volumes from the Hardy Boys series is the perfect way to pass along their enduring stories. Our custom jackets come in a vintage colorway and features an image of the brothers doing what they do best – solving the mysteries that occur in their town and stumbling upon interesting characters and exciting twists along the way. The books, published by Penguin, include black and white illustrations and the full unabridged texts as originally published.

These classic stories make a great gift for the adventurous youngster in your life, the books are ideal for readers between age 8-12.


    1. A Hunting for Hidden Gold
    2. The Missing Chums
    3. The Secret of the Old Mill
    4. The House on the Cliff
    5. The Tower Treasure

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    Depth: 5 inches; width: 3.75 inches; height: 7.75 inches

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