Ernest Hemingway Signature Set

Explore the world of Hemingway’s timeless and influential words with this wonderfully curated set featuring seven of his novels, a collection of short stories, and a series of letters written throughout his life. This set, wrapped in dark green jackets and showcasing his iconic signature, will be the centerpiece of any shelf and make for many adventurous hours of reading.

Hemingway enjoyed a long and productive relationship with his publisher, Charles Scribner’s Sons, and to this day they publish the best editions of his works. Our book set exclusively includes these editions. 

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    1. Across the River and Into the Trees
    2. Green Hills of Africa
    3. The Short Stories
    4. Selected Letters 1917-1961
    5. Islands in the Stream
    6. Death in the Afternoon 
    7. A Farewell to Arms
    8. The Sun Also Rises
    9. The Old Man and the Sea

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    Depth: 6.5 inches; width: 10.5 inches; height: 9.5 inches

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