Hardy Boys Custom Book Set

For decades, young readers have been captivated by the Hardy Boys and their adventures. Brothers Frank and Joe work together to solve crimes in their town that often stump the real detectives, including their father.

Created by Edward Stratemeyer in 1927, these mystery-solving capers have spanned the United States and the globe. Take a look into five of their best cases in this set, including their very first, The Tower Treasure.

Each hardcover edition is wrapped in vintage-colored, custom jackets that feature the two brothers doing what they do best: solving mysteries! The books, published by Penguin, include black and white illustrations and the full unabridged texts as originally published. 

The books are best for readers between the age of 8-12 and make the perfect gift for any adventurous child in your life.

  1. Hunting for Hidden Gold
  2. The Missing Chums
  3. The Secret of the Old Mill
  4. The House on the Cliff
  5. The Tower Treasure


Weight: 3.0 lb

Width: 3.75 inches x Height: 7.75 inches x Depth: 5 inches

This book ships in 1-3 days.