Taschen Retro Comics & Animation Book Set

This set of three Taschen books brings together the most influential visual storytellers from the last 100 years. These books teach you about DC's iconic characters, the evolution of Mickey Mouse, and Marvel's most recognizable characters. 

Each book is filled with beautiful full-color imagery and stories that take a peek behind the curtain at these influential characters and stories. 

This set is perfect for adults and children alike - anyone who loves these characters is sure to love learning more about the history behind how they came to be! 

1. The Golden Age of DC Comics by Paul Levitz
2. The Marvel Age of Comics by Roy Thomas, Taschen 40th Anniversary Edition
3. Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse by David Gerstein, J. B. Kaufman, Bob Iger, and Daniel Kothenschulte,Taschen 40th Anniversary Edition


Weight: 8.6 lb

Width: 5 inches; Height: 8.75 inches; Depth: 6 inches

This set ships in 1-3 business days.