Ibiza Bohemia by Renu Kashyap

From roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats, Ibiza is a quintessential Mediterranean hot spot. Since the 1930s, it has been a magical escape: first for artists and intellectuals fleeing oppression, including Walter Benjamin and Man Ray; then for Errol Flynn, Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Olivier, and other Hollywood stars seeking privacy in postwar Europe; for hippies during the Summer of Love; later, for rock legends including Pink Floyd, Freddie Mercury, Joni Mitchell, and David Bowie; and more recently for style-setters such as Kate Moss and Jade Jagger. These and many more creative minds have enjoyed all the island has to offer, allowing the setting to inspire films, music, poetry, prose, and artwork like no other. Ibiza’s hippie-chic atmosphere appeals to a wide audience, promoting cultural harmony and providing the perfect milieu for artistic freedom, spiritual soul, and international glamour.

It is a place to reinvent oneself, to walk the fine line between civilization and wilderness, and to discover bliss, no matter your rhythm of life. Ibiza Bohemia explores this colorful world with its scenic Balearic cliffs, its legendary cast of characters, and the archetypal interiors that define the island’s signature style. Renu Kashyap is a fashion stylist and editor whose chic and feminine aesthetic has made her a favorite with such magazines as Glamour Netherlands. Following years of shooting in far-flung locations, she relocated to Ibiza from Amsterdam with her husband, Bas, and daughter, Skye Avelon, in 2012.

Passionate about timeless, iconic fashion photography, Renu is now a partner at Caramba Productions, an Ibiza-based company that produces high-fashion editorials for international editions of Vogue and advertising campaigns for the world’s biggest names. Maya Boyd is a travel writer whose work appears in titles including Condé Nast Traveller, Elle, and The Guardian. She is also the founder of the cultural and historical forum Ibiza Insights. Maya’s father lived in Ibiza during the late 1960s, and she spent endless summer holidays on the island before moving there in 2009. Maya lives with her husband, James, and two small sons, Cassius and Balthazar. Her heart lives in Formentera.

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