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The newest subscription box from Juniper Books brings together the most powerful recent additions to literature and fiction. We will continue to focus on the highest level of storytelling with the intention of sharing diverse voices and perspectives across communities that, when told together, weave the fabric of our shared human experience.

When we fall into a story and lean into new characters and their stories, we begin to view the world from a vantage point different from our own. It is this space that holds the potential to transform; to change the way we live in the world. 

Books connect us. This is one of their greatest powers. Each month our curator, Elizabeth Lane, will choose a book of literary fiction -- a recent release that may or may not have made The New York Times Best Sellers List, yet is one that imaginatively and effectively uses storytelling to share diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some stories may feel familiar to our own, and some will push us, providing ground for new ideas to expand and grow. 

With this monthly subscription, you will be charged $60 on the 1st of every month until you end your subscription. If you would prefer to prepay for your annual subscription, please visit our Annual Subscription page.

About December 2020's Book Choice: 

As we shift into the holiday season, we are excited to bring you The New York Times bestselling author Aimee Bender’s latest novel, The Butterfly Lampshade, perhaps the most perfectly bizarre novel we’ve read recently.  A mind-bendingly unique story, Bender writes a radiant, poignant tale of a mother, a daughter, mental illness, and the fluctuating barrier between the mind and the world. 

On the night her single mother is taken to a mental hospital after a psychotic episode, eight year-old Francie is staying with her babysitter, waiting to take the train to Los Angeles to go live with her aunt and uncle. There is a lovely lamp next to the couch on which she’s sleeping, the shade adorned with butterflies. What she sees -- and does – next haunts Francie for the next two decades.

Now an adult, Francie is compelled to make sense of that moment, and two other incidents—wrestling to understand the hold these memories maintain, whether they happened as she remembers and what they say about her own place in the world.

The Butterfly Lampshade questions the nature of reality, the validity of reconstructed memory and the distortion caused by the filter of mental illness, all with a beautiful sensitivity and subtle touch.  A peculiar and perfect novel, Aimee Bender brings us a story meant to be read with a dash of child-like wonder and a willingness to step away from the purely concrete. As 2020 closes, I was surprised to find that this was among my absolute favorite novels of the year.

- Elizabeth Lane, Juniper Books Curator


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When will I be charged for the subscription? 

You will be charged each month on the first of the month.

*Please note: if you order a current box after the initial charge date, your box will be shipped in the second shipment. 

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Shipping is not included in the cost of your box. As a membership perk, current subscription members receive free domestic ground shipping on orders from

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We charge applicable sales tax on any purchase shipped to an address in the state of Colorado.

Can I choose the books in my subscription? 

We carefully curate the book selections in our subscription boxes for you. We are very thoughtful with our curations, each selection will feature a novel that we are confident you will love.

Can I purchase a single box rather than the subscription? 

We have created this offering as a subscription program to bring the best of our design and curation abilities to you with each box. We feel this is best done as a long term commitment, and we feel you will enjoy watching your library grow beautifully over the months!

Can I cancel my subscription or change the shipping address if I need to? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime in your subscription portal. If you have already been charged for a box that has yet to ship, that will be your last box. We cannot offer a refund after you have been charged. To change the shipping address on a box, please contact Customer Service by the 10th of the month before your recurring charge.

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We can’t accommodate skipping shipments. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time, or change the shipping address either one time or for the remainder of your subscriptions.

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