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Our subscription programs are designed to build a collection of great literature and beautiful books over time. Before we jumped into the world of subscription offerings, we wanted to make sure we could provide something really unique and special, books that are deserving of a place on your shelves. 
As a membership perk, all subscribers receive free domestic shipping for orders placed on!

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The Seasonal Edit

Quarterly Subscription

With this seasonal subscription, we will bring you three recently published, handpicked titles each season - likely before they reach the bestseller list! Each collection is wrapped in limited edition Juniper Books jacket designs that are exclusive to subscribers. We are excited to announce that our Spring Edit box will feature exclusive original art from artist Helen Dealtry! 



Books Everyone Should Own

This subscription brings you twelve timeless novels over the course of a year, each curated by Juniper Books’ founder Thatcher Wine. The books were carefully chosen for their long-standing literary contributions; these books explore poignant themes, exercise sharp wit, and employ masterful storytelling.  Each book comes jacketed in a Juniper Books design, exclusive to this subscription. 

Annual Purchase auto monthly purchase

"It's wonderful to have books that you can enjoy now and for many years to come. We design our subscription programs with books that are engaging, look beautiful, and that you can enjoy time and time again."

Thatcher Wine, Juniper Books Founder