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Juniper Books is dedicated to elevating the printed book by enhancing its design quality and aesthetic, deepening the meaning of books in our lives, and facilitating the connection between the stories books tell us and the stories they tell about us. We chose the name Juniper Books for a reason: Juniper trees live for up to 1,000 years. Printed books have been around for 500 years, and we are doing our part to make sure they are around for at least 500 more.


We offer hundreds of book sets in our online store, including some of our most popular sets: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, and the ever popular BabyLit sets. Many are ready to ship immediately for wedding and birthday gifts, anniversaries, or add to your own library. Our one-of-a-kind projects are popular for anyone wanting a bespoke book set to display, often used by interior designers to put the finishing touch on spaces, or made in multiples for treasured holiday gifts for family and friends. They also make unique and memorable corporate gifting options for clients. Take a look at our portfolio of projects our customers have created for inspiration, or to get started.

"Working at Juniper Books has allowed me to combine my passions for literature and design."

Kaitlin G., Senior Designer


No matter the product, every Juniper Books creation begins with the same handful of elements: carefully curated, high-quality books, creative and thoughtful design, plus exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our products add something to your lives, and your shelves. Every Juniper Books product is proudly designed and hand-assembled in our Boulder, CO USA studio. 


Our books are not meant to stay on our shelves forever, they are for you. When we work together, our books and collections create a powerful story on your shelves that channels an amazing cast of authors, illustrators, photographers, editors and publishers who have brought the books we offer to life.
Books are beautiful, and thanks to you, books are here to stay.

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