World Religions Set

Foundational religious texts provide timeless wisdom interwoven with relatable narratives. They are profound, personal works that can be appreciated on a literary level, too. We’ve collected some of the best-known in this handsome set, with volumes published by Everyman’s Library and custom jackets evocative of the gorgeous simplicity of classic prayer books. These works give readers valuable insight into religious traditions that have had deep historical impact, offering windows to cultures and customs across the world.

  1. The Tao Te Ching
  2. The Analects of Confucius
  3. The Old Testament
  4. The New Testament
  5. The Koran
  6. Hindu Scriptures


Weight: 9.0 lb

Width: 7.5 inches x Height: 8.25 inches x Depth: 5.25 inches

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