Taschen Decorative Arts Set

This series from Taschen dives into the characteristics that defined culture and art in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. From the 1950s where the popularization of plastics, fiberglass, and latex literally shaped the decade, to the charged social and political landscape of the 60s, and the experimental aesthetic of the 1970s, each book will offer unique insight into the world that shaped each decade. 

We brought together this series of three books to show the depth and breadth of art and how it mimics the world around us. This set makes a perfect gift for the art or design enthusiast in your life. This trio is an ideal addition to any coffee table to encourage people to pick up a book and lose themselves in the gorgeous full-color photography, rich descriptions, and unique perspectives from the editors at Taschen. 

1. Decorative Art 50s edited by Charlotte & Peter Fiell
2. Decorative Art 60s edited by Charlotte & Peter Fiell
3. Decorative Art 70s edited by Charlotte & Peter Fiell


Weight: 10.0 lb

Height: 10.5 inches; Depth: 8 inches; Width: 3.5 inches

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