Sporting in Style

Older than the tournaments, trophies, and international coverage, the stylish culture which surrounds certain sports is often as fascinating as the activities themselves. Publisher teNeues has created a series of beautiful photography books which explore these microcosms in the worlds of golf, skiing, tennis, and equestrian. Photos showcase smartly dressed fans and participants, sporting art, celebrity enthusiasts, and breathtaking destinations. Elegant custom jackets tie the books together and will look at home in any modern setting.

  1. The Stylish Life: Golf by Christian Chensvold
  2. The Stylish Life: Skiing by Gabriella Le Breton
  3. The Stylish Life: Tennis by Ben Rothenburg
  4. The Stylish Life: Equestrian by Vicky Moon


Weight: 14.0 lb

Width: 11.5 inches x Height: 3.5 inches x Depth: 9 inches

This set ships in 1-3 business days.