Renowned Artists Book Set

This set brings together five of the most influential and renowned artists from the impressionist and post-impressionist movements. 

For this collection, we curated five books from the Great Artists series by Arcturus Publishing. This series explores the lives, inspirations, and techniques of some of the most significant artists of the past 150 years, and presents a selection of their best work.

For our jacket design, we pulled colors from an iconic piece by Monet of his garden full of water lilies and paired that with a modern text treatment on the spines. The sage green, cream, and navy colors will bring a subdued pop of color to any space. As a finishing touch, we placed each author's own iconic signature on the front cover. 

These books make a great gift for any art lover and will provide endless inspiration for your own creative endeavors. 

  1. Paul Cèzanne by Jane Bingham
  2. Vincent Van Gogh by Susie Hodge
  3. Pierre-Auguste Renoir by Thomas Stevens
  4. Claude Monet by Anne Sumner
  5. Gustav Klimt by A.N. Hodge


Weight: 8.8 lb

Width: 11.25 inches x Height: 3 inches x Depth: 9 inches

This set ships in 3-5 business days.