Hervé Tullet 8 Book Set

For many of us, our love of reading started very early on - not to mention, reading has been proven to improve cognitive development in children! French author Hervé Tullet's books encourage kids to grow up learning to love to read by teaching them to love books at a young age. His work asks young soon-to-be-readers to interact with the texts, so reading becomes as immediately engaging as playing with a toy.

This set of 10 books, published by Phaidon, is perfect for kids under the age of four. This collection makes a wonderful baby gift for baby showers, new babies, expecting parents, toddlers and young ones learning to read.

    You will recieve 8 of the 10 books listed below:

    1. The Game of Mix-up Art
    2. The Finger Sport Game
    3. The Finger Travel Game
    4. The Countryside Game
    5. The Game of Sculpture
    6. The Game of Red, Yellow and Blue
    7. The Game of Patterns
    8. The Game of Let’s Go!
    9. The Game of Tops and Tails
    10. The Game of Shapes

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