Curated by Color Books by the Foot

When we curate books by color, we preserve the organic look of the books as published while creating an organized and uniform looking shelf or library. We pay attention to the details of each book we select, ensuring the books look perfect together in terms of color, size, publication era, and the decorative appeal of the spines. 

Choose from six different colors, and order by the foot for an easy and beautiful way to fill your shelves. All books are gently used.

Please note that each foot of books has a 2-3 day lead time prior to shipment to allow us to curate your selection.

For orders over 4 feet, please contact us.

Each linear foot of books you receive will include approximately 10 volumes. The books will be used, but in very good condition. Each book will vary in subject matter, and our curation team will screen every volume for quality and content.


Weight: 15.0 lb