Aspen Style By Aerin Lauder

What began as a small mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom of the late nineteenth century has become the preferred getaway of the world's elite. Aspen, Colorado, has a storied history almost as dense as the directory of A-listers who have adopted the jewel of Pitkin County as their second home or settled on its slopes indefinitely. Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director of AERIN, celebrates and pays homage to the stark glamour, the working-class history, and the romance of the virtually untouched landscape. 

This deluxe volume is brought to life with stunning current and historical imagery capturing the prodigious evolution of this mountain town over the last century.

Aerin Lauder is a modern-day style icon, designer, tastemaker, and working mother of two. Committed to living life more beautifully, she founded the luxury lifestyle brand AERIN in 2012. If you want to learn more about the wonderful Aerin Lauder, visit her site here!

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