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Books in Serene Settings

Elevate your spa’s design with books, either as pieces of art or as a library for clients to peruse and enjoy. There are few things as calming as books, nothing takes us away from the stress of the world as losing ourselves in a good book. Because of this, even the presence of books can make someone feel relaxed! We can fill your shelves with decorative, custom-designed books, books hand-wrapped in colorful textiles for a seamless, clean look, or we can put together a thoughtfully curated selection of books to be enjoyed by your guests!

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Featured Project: White Books

For this project, we filled shelves with uniform white books, each hand-wrapped in fabric/paper (sold by the foot at This design gives the space the warmth and comfort of book-filled shelves, while still keeping the environment tranquil, subtle, and beautiful. 


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