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When hospitality and commercial designers come to Juniper Books they often consider us part of their art buy.  Whether we are curating small collections for suites or large art murals in lobbies, we are always conscious of your budget and able to find a way to bring your vision to life. Curating a thoughtful collection for guest rooms or workspaces for guests to peruse and enjoy is our passion, adding the element of design is what makes Juniper Books the niche business we are so proud of. Whether you are designing a lobby, waiting room, bar, or dozens of guest suites, our books will help take your design to the next level, adding a level of interest and comfort that traditional art cannot achieve. Our portfolio includes custom curation and custom designs for world-class spas, restaurants, hotels, and bars. Contact us to learn more and to discuss the endless possibilities books can bring to your project.

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Omni Louisville

For this large-scale custom installation, we started by replicating the clients shelves in our warehouse so we could accurately build the project, book by book. This was a decorative only installation with over 1,000 books.  We were able to repurpose outdated law-books and wrap custom designed jackets creating this incredible visual for everyone to enjoy. The middle panels were comprised of faux books in order to allow the doors for storage to be operable.  As you can see, the possibilities are limitless, contact us now to discuss your vision with our team!


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