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In addition to working with designers to add dimension, texture, and warmth through the use of books as accessories, we also enjoy getting more technical. We are often brought in on the front end of design development, as elevations and details are developed to collaborate on architectural features. Many of our our projects are done in conjuntion with new construction or renovations to integrate built-in bookshelves or custom millwork. We can curate a selection that will nestle perfectly into specified dimensions, and, if needed, our designers can provide recommendations for the ideal sizing of a bookcase. At Juniper Books, we are lucky to have talented designers who have some degree of experience in the architecture field. Each designer has acute spacial awareness and is able to easily read and digest elevations, floor plans, and other construction documents. Many of our custom projects are done in conjunction with new-build houses with beautiful custom built-in bookcases or shelving units, so these skills are used often! We can curate a selection that will snugly fit into a built in bookshelf, and, if needed, our designers can even provide recommendations for the ideal dimensions of a bookcase.

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A Hidden Door

For this project, our designers worked with the client’s architect to fill these shelves 100% with books that not only created a one-of-a-kind mural, but also disguised a hidden door.  In order to allow the door to be operable, we used light-weight faux books constructed exclusively for the mural allowing the door to open and close with ease!


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