Throne of Glass - Jackets Only

If you own the Throne of Glass hardcover editions published by Bloomsbury Publishing, these unique dust jackets will quickly and easily transform your books. These jackets come pre-folded for easy assembly after they are received.

Fans of this epic series by Sarah J. Maas are sure to recognize the symbolism that our designers incorporated into this jacket design. Every aspect of the design ties back to the series; from the brocade of Celaena's cloak to the symbolic white stag, featured front and center. 

Our book set includes all seven books of the series as well as the collection of prequel novellas, The Assassin's Blade

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Includes jackets for the following books:

  1. The Assassin's Blade - ISBN 9781619633612
  2. Throne of Glass - ISBN 9781599906959
  3. Crown of Midnight - ISBN 9781619630628
  4. Heir of Fire - ISBN 9781619630659
  5. Queen of Shadows - ISBN 9781619636040
  6. Empire of Storms - ISBN 9781619636071
  7. Tower of Dawn - ISBN 9781681195773
  8. Kingdom of Ash - ISBN 9781619636101

Please double check and confirm that you have the books listed above as the jackets will not fit any other edition, and the jackets are not returnable. 

Please note that well-read books may have slightly different spine widths which may require adjustments when wrapping! 


Weight: 0.85 lb

Depth: 6.5 inches; width: 13 inches; height: 9.5 inches

New to Jackets Only sets? We created a tutorial showing you how to add your new jackets around your books. 

This set ships in 3-5 business days.