Leather Cocktail Trio

For the burgeoning mixologist, there are few better past times than learning about their craft. From whiskey to bubbly, fruit garnishes to snifters, this set has something for everyone.

World Whiskey will take you through the international world of whiskey and the benefits to each nation's specific distilling process, and call out some of the must-try whiskeys from each area. Bubbly is sure to give you a new outlook on all things sparkling, and Essential Cocktails will ensure that your home-bar is ready for any drink order. 

This book set makes a great gift for the host in your life, and makes the perfect house warming gift. 

Essential Cocktail and World Whiskey are bound by hand in bonded leather by Graphic Image. Bubbly is a faux-leather cover with a metallic pebble grain. 

  1. The Essential Cocktail Book by Megan Krigbaum
  2. Bubbly by Colleen Jeffers
  3. World Whiskey by Charles Maclean, et al.


Weight: 5.0 lb

The Essential Cocktail Book
Height: 7.25 inches; Width: 1.25 inches; Depth: 5.5 inches

Height: 7.5 inches; Width: .5 inches; Depth: 5.75 inches

World Whiskey
Height: 9.5 inches; Width: 1 inch; Depth: 8 inches

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