Throne of Glass - Jackets Only

If you own the Throne of Glass hardcover editions published by Bloomsbury Publishing, these unique dust jackets will quickly and easily transform your books. These jackets come pre-folded for easy assembly after they are received.

Our book set includes dust jackets for all seven books in the series as well as the collection of prequel novellas, The Assassin's Blade. 

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Juniper Books jackets are comparable to art prints. Each set is printed on high-quality paper and hand-folded in our studio for easy assembly after they are received. We ship you the jackets, and then you put them on your books!

Dust jacket artwork inspired by the Throne of Glass series. Dust jacket artwork copyright © 2021 by Juniper Books, LLC. Used with permission of Writers House LLC acting as agent for Sarah J. Maas.

Please note: This product is currently unavailable.  While all of the hardcovers in the series have identical ISBN numbers, there have been new printings of a few books in this set, and there is a difference in the sizing between versions.

Includes jackets for the following books:

  1. The Assassin's Blade 
  2. Throne of Glass 
  3. Crown of Midnight 
  4. Heir of Fire
  5. Queen of Shadows 
  6. Empire of Storms
  7. Tower of Dawn 
  8. Kingdom of Ash 


  • The Throne of Glass Box Set 

Please note that these Jackets-Only will be available for hardcover books only. 


Weight: 1.0 lb

Approximate size: Depth: 6.5 inches; width: 13 inches; height: 9.5 inches

New to Jackets Only sets? We created a tutorial showing you how to add your new jackets around your books. 

This set ships in 1-2 weeks.