Artist Series

Combine art and literature with our Artist Series.
The Juniper Books Artist Series features art from renowned artists on some of our most popular book sets. Recent collaborations include art from Obvious State on classic literature: the designers at Obvious State created designs for a Jane Austen Book Set that includes Austen’s complete works, a George Eliot Book Set, a Willa Cather Book Set, and a Bronte Sisters Book Set. Past collaborations have included bright and powerful art from Denver-based artist Detour across the spines of our Chronicles of Narnia Book Set, Maya Angelou Book Set, and Toni Morrison Book Set. Denver-based artist Kimothy Joy created a modern rendition of Rosie the Riveter across the spines of books from influential female authors. One of our most popular collaborations was with Boulder-based Chris Huang, who created art for our American Landscape Book Set, which features books written by authors whose roots can be traced across the world.