Styling Your Bookshelves for Zoom and Beyond - A Step by Step Guide

Styling Your Bookshelves for Zoom and Beyond - A Step by Step Guide
As we start preparing for the busy holiday rush, our team is reflecting on this year and the new ways we've been called on to help our customers. One of the most common things we've heard is the need for people to upgrade their home offices. 
With so many still working from home, the need for a tidy and professional background on video calls is a new requirement. We've been happy to assist, not only providing people with excellent reading material but also filling their shelves with books that tell stories and help make connections with others.

Step 1: We always suggest displaying some of your favorite recent reads. Whatever your preferred genre, it's a great conversation starter for fellow bibliophiles during meetings or interviews! 

Step 2: Display something that represents one of your favorite authors or series. Whether you are a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Maya Angelou, or one of our many Popular Series offerings such as this Harry Potter Set, displaying the stories you love is a great way to say something about who you are.
Step 3: Add some life to your shelves! Plants bring a perfect pop of color and texture and are naturally a breath of fresh air. 
Step 4: Classics are always a good idea. We recommend choosing a few of your favorites (or at least some you read in high school) in a coordinating collection such as the Penguin Classics, pictured above.
Step 5: Add some art! Our Influential Women is show-stoppingly beautiful and it includes - you guessed it - some of the most influential female writers of the past 100 years. It's neutral enough to let you stay the focus of the Zoom call, but beautiful enough to get a conversation going about art, design, and incredible writers. 
Step 6: Finish off with a few items that represent who you are and your hobbies! For this shelf, we added a few bold and beautiful cookbooks, and a couple of gifts from loved ones. 
Ultimately, your shelves are a great way to show who you are. We hope these tips inspire you to look at them with a new eye - and get creative!