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Do you re-bind books?

Do you re-bind books?

We get this question a lot – almost daily! While our business mainly focuses on creating beautiful dust jackets to transform books, we have worked with many clients to design and oversee the process of getting a rare or sentimental book rebound.

Previous projects have included rebinding books in both leather and cloth, creating beautiful gift or display editions, and preserving or restoring heirloom books.

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About 18 years ago Juniper Books Founder, Thatcher Wine, started selling rare books online – first from his own collection and then books that he acquired from estate sales and auctions. Occasionally, Thatcher would find a rare book in terrible shape that they had to be recovered. This was the start of Thatcher’s, and then Juniper Books’, relationships with local bookbinders. 

Bookbinding is expensive and time-consuming, but when executed skillfully, the results are beautiful and last forever. Juniper Books has helped clients with bookbinding projects – both in leather and cloth, and we have also helped design and overseen the creation of custom boxes and cases for treasured books. 

Client inspired website 41This custom Stephen King Set features custom jackets and a custom display case.


Since Thatcher’s experience with books is expansive – from building book collections and designing custom book covers – he can expertly advise on whether a new binding is appropriate for a project. When bookbinding is appropriate, our designers and team can oversee all aspects of the process – from color to titles and endpapers. 

Some of our past projects have included: 

  • Custom leather bindings for Pulitzer Prize-winning novels
  • Rebinding of antique leather law book
  • Custom leather binding a selection of Milton Friedman books for a client’s home library
  • Custom leather and cloth bindings for interior design project books
  • Custom leather binding of gift books for a university
  • Custom leather binding of Catcher in the Rye 

The custom book bindings are generally for clients who have one special book (whether it is sentimental or rare) and wish to preserve it in a stunning new binding. We always work with clients closely to design each binding exactly to their preferences.Client inspired website 02Client inspired website 58Client inspired website 101

Not sure rebinding is for you?
Consider our custom book jackets.

Considering the time it takes to rebind a book, and the costliness, our custom covers make for a more reasonable option for sentimental books that are in good condition. While rebinding a single book can take months and cost hundreds, we can make dozens of wrapped books in a day at a comparably very small cost per book. We have been working with customers, interior designers, architects, and visual merchandisers for years to provide them with books in the exact color and texture of their choice. 

While some have copied our work, what cannot be duplicated is the attention to detail we provide to each project, the quality of our materials, our careful screening process, and our excellent customer service. 

In 2010, Juniper Books introduced custom printed book jackets into the market and we are the only company that provides them. The idea was to take book wrapping to a whole new level, especially for residential home customers. We believe that you can do whatever you want with your books – whether that means re-reading them countless times, keeping stacks next to your bed, or displaying them as art. 

Whether you have a project that calls for rebinding one book, or a need for several thousand books, Juniper Books can help!